Tuesday, January 30, 2007

New Skills

We went to see you last night little man under the pretense of dropping off a video for your daddy and mommy. You are the happiest baby ever and walked around and around laughing and showing off you skills at jumping. Of course the jumping you do is so hilarious....squatting down and standing up fast is about it. But my how you think you are so smart. Another new trick you have learned to do is to try and run. It just cracks me up....more like a fast lumber. This picture above just shows how happy and smiley you are. You are always so happy to see us and give us such big loves and kisses.

Your mommy has taught you to find your belly button which she calls a "chicky butt". My dad, your great grandpa, used to do the same with me when I was little and with your mommy. So poor child, you will not know the proper term for many years I fear. When someone asks you where your belly button is you will just look at them in confusion as we probably did. But we survived your silly grandpa's humor....there are many more things I am sure you will experience even though you will never know him.

I am looking forward to having you for a few days at the end of this month while your mommy and daddy go away. I sometimes feel like you get shorted in attention because of all the time I spend taking care of your cousins. But you are very lucky that you have both your mommy and daddy there to love and care for you. Your grandad and I are just a bonus after them but we love you more than anything.

Thursday, January 25, 2007


Noodle and Goose, how lucky you are to have each other. It may not seem like it now or as you grow up together but there is something special about having a sister or sisters to share all your hopes, dreams and secrets with. Someone who has the same background and really gets you. You also share the loss of your mommy which should never happen to a child but at least you can lean on each other. Share your giggles, dolls, clothes, memories of your mommy and special moments. These things will never leave your heart and will certainly help in sad or scary times.

If you can know or remember how much your mommy loved her sisters and brother, you would understand how precious this relationship is. There were so many fun times she created with them and we have so many pictures to remind all of us of those times. Sometimes I worry that because she is gone, that feeling will evaporate but I know my children.... and your aunts and uncle love each other very much and will always be connected. I know they are brokenhearted without your mommy but I think it makes them realize how important they are to each other.

I hope you both will always know that I love you with all my heart and only hope that you can feel safe and protected and know that you have myself and your grandad to depend on no matter what happens.

Monday, January 22, 2007


My sweet boy. It is so good to have a little boy in the family again. It was 30 years since I held a little baby boy in my arms. I secretly wished your momma would have a boy. There is something special about moms and sons and I find it is there with grandsons also. A boy who will grow into a strong tall man. I can see it already...you are a good couple of inches taller and bigger than Lucy already and you are three months younger. You passed her up long ago in size but not in sweetness. A happier more sunny personality I have not seen in a long time. That deep little boy voice and funny laugh makes my heart sing.

Byron, who stomps along with his little bowed legs. He loves to give the biggest kisses and squeezes you have ever had and struggles so to keep from biting. As good natured as he is he also has a stubborn streak to match. Loves to test his limits with momma and daddy but has such a tender little heart. The image of his daddy, the good nature of his mommy and his grandads ears and grin.

How lucky and blessed I am to have you in my life little man. You make my days brighter and joyful.

Sunday, January 21, 2007


Little Lucy, oh how you came stealing into this world and captured my heart. A rough beginning you had with all the crying and stomach problems. But somehow with all your trials it just made me want to love and protect you even more. Somehow life just seemed so unfair for you and still does sometimes. But little one with dimples and a grin so contagious never fear, you are loved. You have not only me but your grandad wrapped around that tiny finger of yours.

A tiny little girl with the most beautiful big dark brown eyes and fly-away hair. So petite but larger than life with that personality. Insecure and can be so very loud but manage to charm everyone you come into contact with. Your mommy once said in the midst of all of your crying and crying "If she weren't so darn cute, it would be easy not to like her". It warms my heart when you call me mom mom and see how much you love to see the turkeys and chickens. Little impishness shining through....I see a tease in the making.

So my little doll, only know that I love you with all of my heart.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


Emma, or as I like to call you, Emmy. The apple of my eye, my first grandchild, the one who has taught me about being a grandma in the truest sense of the word. The little girl who loves to spend time with us. You love to bake cookies, play games of all kinds, color, draw, garden with grandad, play with your sister. You are a great collector, oh yes you are! From paperclips, fingernail clippings to Care Bears and every picture you ever drew. To get rid of anything I must do it on the sly or I will hear a protest so loud it will test my ears.

Little girl with beautiful blue eyes so much like your grandfather, Jack. A sweet smile that melts my heart, a seriousness that makes me wonder how old your little soul is sometimes. Blond hair, turning shades of brown. You love clothes, painted fingernails and your friends. You have a tender heart, a stubborn streak and are quite precocious at times. The way you like to help me clean, cook and such reminds me so much of your mommy when she was a little girl. You have your mothers nose, mouth and chin which has trickled down from my mom through us all. Strong genes I guess.

You hate to be teased, are very serious about things most often but can give peals of laughter at times that are contagious. You love and miss your mom so very much, adore your daddy and sister. You have already gone through many career choices for the future from farmer and artist to your most recent choice, a veterinarian. You have a little shyness, especially about new experiences. You are most often polite but can test us when you feel like it. You know how to wrap your dad around your finger as well as your grandad.

Oh noodle, how I adore you!

Friday, January 12, 2007

A New Beginning

I have decided to stop updating Kyla's web site. It only makes me so sad to see all of her pictures and be reminded of the large hole in my life now that she is gone. 2007 will be a much better year with a new focus.