Monday, February 26, 2007

The Little Spy

We spent Saturday and Sunday with Emma and Lucy. Poor little Lucy is having a delayed allergic reaction to the Amoxicillin and was swollen and itchy the entire time. But for the most part, she was in a pretty good mood for all the discomfort. After I picked up the girls and took them home they had lunch and then Dave took Emmy to a birthday party at Minds in Motion while I stayed home with a napping Lucy. As usual we were taken on many adventures with Emma. Below are the pictures of "The Spy Reporter and Accomplice".

Here is the spy reporter trying to look very innocent.

Ah Hah! Caught taking spy pictures of an unsuspecting old grandma and a young innocent baby.

And who is this Nazi spy posing as a reporter?

Well, well, look who is trying (unsuccessfully) to be tricky. Grandad makes kind of a hairy, er I mean scary spy.

AND it turns out that the spy reporters were focusing on the wrong suspects. Here is the thief eating all of the bird food.

Little Lucy reading her bear book to Grandma.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Friday, February 16, 2007

Emma and Lucy's Snow Day

Emma and Lucy's Snow Adventures on Vimeo

Another little movie from Emma came over email. Yes we had snow and it looks like the girls really had a good time.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Little Boy Valentine and Wacky Tacky Hair

Byron sent us a valentine in an email message (with a little help from mommy). Isn't he just about the cutest?

Emma's "Wacky Tacky Hair" from her carnival at school (a pain to try to wash out).

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!

Every Tuesday we keep Lucy overnight while Jed takes Emmy to Courageous Kids. When I arrived to pick her up from daycare, she was in fine form. She has begun to do this little fake laugh which is really funny.....kind of a big har har har har. It reminds us of Kyla's big laugh except Kyla's was real. She crawled under a table and kept peeking out at me and laughing. Of course she was laughing at everything she saw. What a funny little girl. We took her to Walmart to buy valentines for her little friends at daycare and then to see Grandad Max and GG for a little while where we fed her dinner. Then off to home for a bath and bed.

She awoke this morning and the picture above is her with her little bag of valentines ready to go. Her daycare provider, Fran and Al were giving the little ones a valentines party with baloons, pizza and goodies. What a hoot!

Dave took me to a lovely dinner at the Koho and gave me a beautiful boquet of flowers and a box of my favorite.....chocolate covered carmels. We had a nice time and the food at the Koho was outstanding. Might be a new favorite!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Emma Makes a Movie

Emma and Lucy's Great Adventures on Vimeo

We spent the weekend with Lucy and Emma and a busy one it was. Friday night Emma had a carnival at her school and Jed took Lucy to the doctor before dropping her off with us. She had an ear infection to go along with the terrible cold that has just seemed to hang on. So while we let Emmy spend some time at the carnival, Lucy spent her time sleeping on my shoulder while running a fever. After Emma got to participate in the cake walk and some other things like the "Wacky Tacky Hair" we took them home, fed them dinner, washed the gunk out of Emma's hair and off to bed they went. Poor Lucy had a bad night that night but after having a few doses of medicine, she began to feel better.

The rest of the weekend was a busy blur with making special valentines, cookie making, games, and Emma working on her movie to upload.

Saturday Byron, Jill and Wade came to visit and had dinner with us and Kelli stopped by later that evening. Of course Brian was there also, eagerly anticipating his early morning work schedule for Sunday.