Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hospital Fun

We have spent several days at the hospital with Kelli, who had to have some surgery to remove a (cyst) from her kidney as well as some exploratory surgery to find out why she has been feeling so poorly since Thanksgiving. She had a reaction to the morphine that they were giving her for pain so she remained in the hospital longer than expected. She is now feeling a little better and is home recuperating with us for a few days. We will know more in a few weeks as to further treatment for her condition which I won't go into here. Thank you to all of her freinds and family that made a visit, called and brought her flowers.

This may be why Kelli had to have surgery (ha ha)

Emma made her a cute care bear card last weekend knowing how much Kelli likes those care bears. I think that might have been one of her favorite cards. I was supposed to have the girls on Friday night but because Kelli was still in the hospital I had to cancel. But it was probably just as well since out of four bedrooms, three are occupied at this moment and the fourth is where we also have our computer, sewing table and the babies sleep there in the portable crib. I usually put up our fold away bed when we overflow but I know Emma would not like it if Lucy woke her up. But we will probably have them next Friday. I miss the little stinkers when they are not around! But we were able to have a Byron fix at the hospital at least for a bit. It was pretty boring for him so we went on lots of walks and such while he tried to open all doors he could find in the hallways and push elevator buttons.

Emma in one of her finer moments

Lucy's big grins

As punishment Jill has found that a time out on a chair is not quite as effective when they can wiggle around and watch what is going on in the room in her day care. She has found that hands on the wall and nose touching for the time out. Look at Byron in his one and half minute time out. Makes me laugh, especially that he knows and will do this.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Some Good News!

Jill and Wade invited us out to dinner Friday evening. When we arrived at their house Byron had a cute t-shirt on the said "Big Brother". A cute way to announce that they are expecting again. Congratulations Jill and Wade. The baby is due some time in December.

A big congratulations to my niece, Tristin who just had a cute baby boy April 11th. I can't wait to hold him. He looks adorable.

Friday, April 20, 2007

All Dressed Up for Easter

Jill sent me some pictures of Byron all dressed up for Easter. He looks so darn cute and is growing and changing so fast. What a little man!
Cutie Pie Cute!

Boo! I see you.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Adiós Charo

Vonda and Charo.....We'll miss you!

Charo is a good friend from Spain that has been visiting for a couple of weeks. She is Brian's girlfriend also but is a friend to me from work. She is back working in Spain now and we all love her to pieces and wish that she was closer. Jill and Kelli often joke that they wish they could trade Brian for her. I guess all the teasing he lovingly (ha!) bestowed upon them is cominig back to haunt him.

She leaves to fly home today. We will miss her tremendously. She stayed with us for two months in the summer and was such a great comfort during the time I took care of Kyla, always there to help and just be a shoulder to cry on. Thank you Charo!
Brian and Charo at dinner

Charo gave Jill a water color set because they share the same passion for painting. This was Jill's first attempt in a long time to paint....a card for Charo.

A resemblance yes but it made us all laugh.

We had a half birthday for her last night. By a half birthday, I mean her birthday is in November so we have not been able to celebrate it before. She joked that she said she was going to ask me for a family birthday dinner so she could pick what she wanted. Brian told me so we surprised her. We would have done a dinner anyway but this made it a little more fun. A family tradition is to let the birthday person choose whatever they want for dinner and dessert at our family birthday parties no matter what it is. She chose fried chicken, potatos and gravy, green beans, green salad and corn bread. For dessert she could not choose so I made blueberry, huckleberry, peach crisp.

Look at Brian's face. I see jealousy!!! Heh Heh!

Charo blows out her candles after a big wish. Hmmmm! Wonder what she wished for. Probably for us to quit bugging!

The gang waiting for dessert. Best part of the meal.

I hope she will be able to return soon but even more than that I would love to go to Spain to visit her and her lovely family. Maybe some day....(Brian, hint, hint, a wedding would get us there).

Look where Byron's nose is and the look on his face, like Pew!....someones backside. I think his eyes are watering. We know whose rear but won't tell. Hee!

Jill goofing for the camera but look at Kelli in the background.

No wonder Charo wants to go home! Kells in the background again. For some reason I have a lot of these types of pictures....Kelli just seems to sneak in most of them which we laugh at later when we find out. Turkey!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Happy Easter

We enjoyed a lovely Easter Sunday. Brian had to work but Kelli came. Jill, Wade and Byron spent the day with Wade's family after church. Charo who is visiting from Spain for two weeks was here. Friends of hers and Brian's, Blake, Estella, Lucia and Gabriella came to visit Charo. Little Lucia is growing so fast and is so cute. Dave's parents were also here. Emma searched for eggs with her dad and we had brunch. Hope everyone had a blessed day!
Emma on an Easter egg hunt. Next year she will have some pretty major competition from Byron and Lucy I'm sure.

Nasty purple peeps. Jill and Wade love them. Yuk!

Trying to get a smile out of the girls.

It took their dad being goofy to bring on the laughs.

Charo with Estella's little girl, Lucia.

Lucia isn't sure she likes that bite of lunch.

This was an Easter gift to Lucy...the cutest little farm animal bath toys. We got Byron a boat and truck set from the same company. Cute!

Sunday, April 8, 2007

A Golden Birthday

We celebrated Emma's birthday Saturday. She turned 7 on the 7th in the year 2007. She had a party with several friends at the Build A Bear store and we took care of Lucy while Jed handled that party. We had a family birthday dinner that evening. Emma chose lasagna, carrots, crescent rolls and chocolate cake for her dinner. Nope I never claimed to be able to decorate a cake....good thing she doesn't care at this age!

Emma is wearing the gold locket that her dad gave her to signify her golden birthday. Too bad Aunt Jilly tried to be so darn pretty in the picture. I might do some Photo Shopping later....

Byron just loves Emma but he is so big that she can barely hold him up for this photo.

A big pile of gifts for the birthday girl.

The forks weren't quite on the counter yet and the first piece of cake went to the birthday girl who could not wait to take a bite. Silly girl!

Jack (Poppy) showing Emmy how to set up her new telescope (his gift to her). She can't wait to check out the stars.

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Happy Golden Birthday Emmy! We Love You!

Monday, April 2, 2007

Lucy and a Little Bit of NO!

We kept Lucy this weekend while Emmy was visiting Jack and Kathy (Jed's dad and stepmom). Lucy is going through this stage of saying no to everything as well as a little fake crying.

NO! on Vimeo