Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Old Nag

Some people have real horses for their grandchildren to ride. This old nag is about the worst old broken down mare you can imagine. But the grand kids had fun. Too bad I didn't collect quarters. My legs are broken now.

Notice how Lucy is riding along, the first to get a ride and is pretty interested in showing her sister what she is doing, then comes Byron. All boy. See how he grabs at the camera and laughs in the middle? Then Emmy. I was teasing her because I told her my one good horse leg might be lame now so she was a bit concerned that she was too big. Hence the difference in the voice for her:)

Horse Rides from vonda on Vimeo

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Mean Mama Face

When Jill corrects Byron she often gives him a stern look and he knows what it means and has tried all sorts of tricks from being cute and laughing to crying and stomping to get his way. Now he has begun to give us all the "mean mama look".
The cute laughing face begins here.

Progresses to a small frown......

to full on stern look..........

to down right demonic. Watch out Jill!


Emma has a soft heart when it comes to animals, insects and the reptile sort. Overheard her talking with Uncle Handsome about how the deer were eating grandad's strawberries and he ran out yelling and chasing them off. She went to the window and spoke to them saying "go find something else to eat somewhere else deer" and was so impressed when the deer ran off in the field. She exclaimed to Brian "I didn't know they could understand English, I thought they only knew Deerlish".

One of our dogs, ummm I mean deer

The culprits stand on top of the raised beds and push down the chicken wire frame Dave put up which allows the plants to pop through and they eat strawberries and all.

Emmy's version of Gray Jay, our old cat. Quite creative, oh yes she is. She spends about half her time either baking cookies with me or working on her artistic adventures. The other half is with Grandad exploring the outside world. She just adores those new baby chicks.

Friday, May 18, 2007


We kept Lucy last Tuesday night as usual and our normal routine is to go say "bok bok" to the chickens, collect the eggs, which I have to try and catch mid air as she throws them in the basket. We looked at the new chicks and she got to pet one. She experienced for the first time one of the little chicks pooping and she kept telling me just how the little chicky smelled. This went on for around a half an hour after she was back inside the house.
This little knitted chicken was brought home by Grandad Dave. She thought it was amusing for about a second.

Here is where it ended up.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Chicks A Comin'

Dave took Emmy to Cottage Grove to pick out two new baby chicks under the pretense that he just wanted this new breed so the grankids could pet them because they are supposed to be a docile breed. Well he came home with four and Emma has named them all. I haven't figured out which one is supposed to be "Bruised Banana Peel" yet but I am sure she will let me know this next weekend.
Four little chicks....maybe we will get eggs from them next year. Oh I forgot. They won't be here for that purpose...eggs Phuh! They are to pet.
Byron and Lucy liked looking at the chicks for about one nano two-year-old second. Then off to chase and play. It is so cute to watch them play right now.
Here is the tree that we planted in Kyla's memory. This last Saturday Emma chose flowers to plant under the tree for her mommy for Mothers Day. Not only did she pick them, but she helped to plant them. Don't they look nice?

An Honor

The Linguistics Department where Kyla worked is naming their conference room after Kyla in memorium. There will be a dedication of the the Kyla Nagel Memorial Room on June 1st, 2007 and there will be a plaque with her picture as well as the name. I will take a picture at that time and post it. How very kind of the department. I know she would be thrilled and honored (I know we are). We will all be there for sure. Here is the announcement.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

A Time For Remembering

We celebrated Kyla's birthday tonight with a spaghetti dinner and her birthday choice, strawberry shortcake. We were going to plant a flowering dogwood tree that Gary and Patti (Dave's brother and sister-in-law) bought in remembrance of Kyla but it was such nasty weather that we decided we would wait until the weekend. But we did release a rainbow of balloons with messsages to her. How we miss her so much.
Here we are with our messages on our balloons ready to release for Kyla

Eyes watching the balloons rise up and away

Balloon rainbow of color for Kyla to catch on a cloud.

Strawberry shortcake to honor her birthday and little Emmy playing happy birthday to her mommy on the piano while we sang. She practiced for weeks on this so she could play it. I know Kyla's smiling as she listens.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

National Day of Prayer.......May 3, 2007

The 56th Annual National Day of Prayer will take place Thursday, May 3, 2007 which just happens to be Kyla's 29th birthday. Even though this has been going on for years, I love the fact that it will fall on her birthday this year and choose to honor her life and memory with prayer. Please join us, her family, to pray for world peace and the healing and miracles for all who are seeking cures.

The theme for this year is "America, Unite in Prayer" and is based on the verse from II Chronicles 7:14 which states: "If my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land." ~NIV