Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Babies, Babies and Babies....Oh and Spring

I just finished up my duty of vacationing grandma. I bet you think I was cavorting around Europe, laying in the sun, shopping, or maybe quietly meditating. Well nope none of these but I was home on vacation. Just spending it with the grandchildren....most of the time with Byron but three days with all three and another two days with just Lucy and Emma. Jill and Wade went to Jamaica for nine days and Jed went to San Francisco for four days. The big challenge is not having all three there together during the day. In fact they really seemed to have fun playing together. But during the night watch out. Even though Byron and Lucy were in different rooms I had the monitor on and when one would wake up the other would hear and wake up also. It went pretty good except one night. Neither one of them were having any part of Grandma keeping them together so poor Grandad had to get up and help. Remember this is the man who does not realize that there is a 2:00 a.m. But he got Byron back to sleep (the easiest of the two) and I snuggled Lucy and she finally went back to sleep.

I just love baby feet, don't you?

But aside from that we had a great deal of fun and adventures. I love spring because all of the babies are appearing now. Not just my babies but turkeys, deer and rabbits. Just this morning before taking Lucy to day care we spied a momma bunny with her tiny baby munching on my herbs. When Lucy and I went out to look closer the momma hopped away but the baby just stayed there wiggling his little nose. Talk about cute! I didn't get a photo because my camera battery was dead. Last Thursday I was rocking Byron before bed time and a doe walked past the front room windows with a tiny fawn. The fawn couldn't have been more than a few hours old....still wobbly.

I don't know if you can see the baby very well. I was a little late in catching the baby because the doe was moving the baby away and this is a little blurry. Taking pictures with a baby in one arm doesn't really work so well.

Emma and I have been watching a robin for a few weeks. We watched her build her nest in the eaves outside our main doors, then watched as she patiently sat on her eggs and now there are at least three babies she is feeding. Dave wanted to move the nest but I wouldn't let him because I'm sure she would not come back if he touches it.

Here we have the "jumping babies". Both are a blur but they were so funny trying to jump.

Umm, Aunt Kelli Grandma taught me how to turn this on. Really, umm, really!

A little hug while waiting for dinner

Bathed and in their pajamas watching the turkeys outside the window

Attack of the babies!

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Fathers Day, Yes....But Grandad's Day Too

Dave.....what a terrific grandfather he is. I suppose he learned it naturally from his dad who was so patient and wonderful with our children when they were growing up. One thing Kyla told me about him is that she loved watching Emma follow him around outside. She said she wanted her to experience what she did as a child with Grandad Max (Dave's dad). Of course when Lucy and Byron came along the wish is for them also.

Here he is with Emmy during a snow day. Of course if she wanted to run barefoot in it he would let her (within reason). He seems to know and feel the delight in being a little kid. Emma adores him. After all, he is the one who bought her the first pair of what she calls her "farmer boots". They are really irrigation boots and she loves to stomp around in the mud and chicken yard with no fear of keeping her shoes clean.

Here he is with Byron, his first grandson. He is having a ball watching him grow up from day one. He is a lover of babies and always wanted lots of kids around. He hates to see our kids go home and loves having the babies.

Grandad Dave showing Lucy the finer points of gardening, like eating the peas out of the pod. We have never had enough to eat because mysteriously they disappear. Lucy loves to boss him around now that she is talking. We hear "no no dad dad" when he teases her. He delights in these little people.

Happy fathers day Dave. We all love you.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Cousins, Shoe Trees and Birthday Trip

Off to Baker City we went with Emma and Kelli in tow for Grandma Mae's 70th surprise birthday party. Emma was anxious to get there and so along the way we heard many questions about how much longer but other than being a chatter bug she was a good traveler. We went as far as Pendleton and spent the night and on to Baker the next morning. She played with all of her cousins and had a great time, especially with Addie Mae.

Here is Emmy and Addie Mae preparing to blow the party horns when grandma arrives. Watch out may be blown back home.

Some of the cousins watching a video after the hoards left. A nice way to wind down. Emmy slept all the way back to Pendleton that night she was so tuckered.

Emma and Grandad in front of one of at least three shoe trees we passed on our way home. I guess the people in Eastern Oregon don't have much to do for entertainment or they think this if fine landscaping.

Emma was fascinated! She couldn't get enough of these shoes.

Monday, June 11, 2007

These Boots Are Made For Stompin

This picture makes me laugh each time I see it. Jill has such a way of dressing up her boy and he thought he was so cool in those cowboy boots and his daddy's hat.

Go Get Em Cowboy Byron!

Monday, June 4, 2007

Lizards, Chickens and Eggs

My oldest sister, Barb, brought her two grandchildren to play with Emma and Lucy and to see the chickens. Of course first they all wanted to see the baby "kikkens" as Lucy calls them. After fondling them until they could barely stand up, Emmy and Joey ran off to gather the eggs, the best part of the chickens. We released them to free range and Lucy and Kalista chased for a little while but soon became tired of that. So we took the little girls in to play with toys and Emma and Joey ran off to catch lizards. They had great luck and only one lost its tail. There are lots of baby lizards out now and they had to be very quick to catch them.
Kallista mesmerized by the music box while Lucy looks on

Lucy out for the chase

Success! Joey and Emmy gather eggs

Joey helping Kallista look at the baby chicks