Monday, July 30, 2007


There is an article in the newspaper this morning about what we call grandparents. I has always disliked the name "granny". I would always think of the old granny on Beverly Hillbillies and didn't want to be associated that way. When Kyla first had Emma the discussion came up about what to call the grandparents and that was the only name I really disliked. Dave and his family always use Grandad instead of Grandpa which my family uses. But that made it easy to distinguish between grandfathers for the kids. They always knew that Grandad was Max and Grandpa was my dad, John. However, Dave and his brothers have always called his mom granny to the kids and most of them picked it up. I don't really think Delpha liked it but she puts up with it. Most of the girls (Jill, Kelli and Kyla) called her Gram. I like that and originally said I would like to use it. BUT I didn't account for Brian. He calls me granny and I am sure if he is around Byron and Lucy long enough will have them saying it too. Emmy has always called me grandma, Lucy says Grrrmaamaaw right now and Byron hasn't said yet. I expect it will be Grandma but he gets his way by pulling me by the hand and taking me to the pantry where the snacks are. Well I must be softening in my old age because now being the granny from Beverly Hillbillies is just fine with me. I just wish I made the kind of money she did being granny on TV.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tuesday night as usual we kept Lucy but we went to visit Dave's parents, GG and Grandad Max. Jill, Wade, Byron and Kelli also came over and we had pizza together. It is so fun to see Byron and Lucy play together now. They have so much fun.
Playing peek-a-boo with GG's exercise bike

Getting a ride on GG's walker. All that equipment sure comes in handy to a couple of two-year-olds.

This is what Lucy and I saw this morning when we first got up....near our windows.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Weekend Fun

We had Emmy and Lucy over Saturday instead of Friday night so Jed could go to a wedding. Kelli watched the girls for a couple of hours on Friday while he played softball and she took them to see the newest addition to the Evans family, Little Max. It is Brett's first little baby and he and Jen named him after Dave's dad, Grandad Max. I think that is pretty cool. In fact I always thought if I would have had another boy that I would like to name him John Max after both our dads but didn't happen.

The saga of Kelli's car problems are still going on. She has had to have both the front and rear brakes replaced and after she got it back the next day it began to overheat and the battery went dead. So after a new battery and having it towed to the mechanic we are waiting to hear what the problem is. This car is only around four years old. Kelli bought it from Jed (it was Kyla's car) and she was hoping a newer car would have fewer problems. But no such luck! Poor Kells. She is now driving our fabulous, green and white, gas guzzling pickup that we just put hundreds of dollars in to. She just loves this truck, about as much as she loves having needles slowly put in her eye.

Emma was pretending to be Laura from Little House on the Prairie. I think we need to upgrade to a bonnet for her though. This looks more like Little Orphan Strangeo. We have been reading The Secret Garden and are about three quarters finished. I had forgotten how much I loved this book when I was younger. Dave is even in to reading this with her and he usually sneaks in there and begins reading while I am putting Lucy to bed.

Lucy fell down outside and barely scraped one knee. Not even a little blood but she had to have a Care Bear bandaid. After we put a bandaid on her knee she was sure that both knees hurt. We went through about twelve bandaids because she would peel them off or they would fall off. Finally by Sunday morning she had forgotten about them.

Jill and I were trying to get a picture of Byron all dressed up for church in his cute big boy shirt. This is the only one out of several that he would sit still for, at least that he wasn't hiding behind the pine cone. They just spent a week at church camp and little Byron had such fun. All that outdoors to run in. That little boy loves it outside and we usually hear a pretty huge holler for a while when he has to come inside.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

After and Why?

Here is Jill, the birthday girl. She picked Beppi and Gianni's for her birthday dinner. She must be happy.....see that smile! But WHY does she belch like a giant sailor, even in public?

I love this picture because mostly Byron looks like his dad, Wade. But look at their mouths here...the same expression. See Jill, he does have something of you in him.

How does Kelli know just where to appear? AND how do I take photos without seeing her do this? AND FINALLY, WHY? The goof! If you enlarge it you will see her through the small opening of Wade's arm.

Byron's little fingers sneaking frosting. We caught him climbing up on the edge of the bar stools and swiping licks.

Brian studying the menu with a freshly shaven.........head. Why? I don't have an answer to why my kids do most things. I suppose most parents don't.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Jilly

Jill. Twenty-five years ago you came bouncing gleefully into this world and changed our lives for good. A sweeter, more happy baby you would never find. Big round eyes and chubby cheeks with such chubby legs. You have grown to be such a beautiful sweet young woman and your dad and I are so very proud.

~Lover of books and a voracious reader.
~Children flock to you. Remember when the little neighbor boys would come knock on the door when you were in high school and want you to come out and play?
~You hate to cook but like to bake.
~You can rival an old sailor with your raucous burps.
~You have the ability to embarrass your dad and husband by the things you say and get pure joy and delight in doing so.
~You are a match for Brian's teasing. In fact I think I have only seen him look sheepish when you spar with him verbally. He sometimes can't come back with a line to best you.
~Curious.....more than curious sometimes. Remember our dead flat cat incident where you wanted to take him to kindergarten for sharing?
~Easy going and happy. Can always make us laugh.
~Love your family fiercely.
~You feel things deeply although you don't often mention things that bother you.
~You are a pure joy to be around.

Oh! Did I forget to mention you might be a bit strange? Umm, yeah. Just a bit.
Happy Birthday darlin! We love you.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007


There is something seriously wrong in this family. To preface, I hate those garden gnomes. I think they are hideously scary looking and I can't understand people who put them in their yards. OK, so how did I, hater of gnomes, end up having a gnome or two around? Well Dave's aunt years ago was in a gnome painting frenzy in her ceramics class. Needless to say, most family members ended up with a garden gnome. Of course Dave loves his aunt and his gnome (he thinks they are cute) so I have to tolerate it. It is kind of like tolerating the crazy Aunt Harold every family has only in ceramic form.

Here is Jill with said gnome. She thinks it is funny to torture me about it so I have suffered through several episodes of the gnome. For instance, I keep it in the back of our closet in the corner in the dark and one morning, 5:00 a.m. to be exact, I sleepily open our shower door, stark naked, to find said gnome staring up at me from the floor of our shower. Very funny Jill. However, it was not the end. I put it back in the closet and then a few days later it shows up in the passenger seat of my car with a note attached saying "Take me for a ride, baby". But I got her a few times also...once she slept all night with the thing tangled up in her unmade bed (that will teach you Jill for not making your bed) and another time it went to college with her in her backpack.

Kelli dressed up as a gnome for Jill's costume birthday party. What short legs you have Kells. Doesn't she look the part...she even won the contest for best costume.

Here is Kyla with said gnome. She also thought it was seriously funny that I hated this thing. She, Jill and Kelli, on one of the many trips to San Francisco, had to stop by this gnome theme park.

Here is Kyla posing under the giant gnome in the park.

Jill posing same place only look at the lovely gnome face.

Oh now we know why Kelli won the costume contest.

Even a sexy pose with a gnome. Sick!

While taking care of Kyla Jill and Kelli found these gnome pajamas and made me dress up with them knowing that Kyla would just love this.

And Jill even took a mini version of the gnome on her honeymoon to Australia.

Friday, July 6, 2007

Surf Practice

Wade, Byron's daddy, loves to surf. He must because he goes to the cold, cold Oregon Coast to surf occasionally. I think judging from the following pictures he has been teaching Byron to practice his surfing balance.

Poor Grandad. Just a prop.

Up I go!

OK, I'm balanced.

I think something is wrong with this surf board.

Perhaps a lack of water?

I'll play peek-a-boo instead

Last chance to give me some wave movement Grandad, or I'll boot you to the moon.

Monday, July 2, 2007


Squealing Birthday from vonda and Vimeo.

As you watch this Lucy is pulling out clothes she got for her birthday. However, these were already opened and were all put back in a bag including her pants that she wore that day. The very last thing she pulls from the bag and squeals over is her old pants. What a hoot!

Happy Birthday Lucy

We celebrated Lucy's 2nd birthday on Saturday. Although her real birthday was June 9th, we had to postpone because that was the day we were in Baker celebrating Grandma Mae's 70th birthday and every weekend thereafter until the 30th was filled up or people were away on vacation. She is really beginning to talk now and tries to repeat everything you tell her. Sometimes it is such a riot. One word Jed has been trying to help her learn to say is Grandma. Right now she says maamaw. She has the GR down but now says GRR- maamaw. Almost there!

Here is the pretty little birthday girl who would not let us put the party hat on. This picture, as were variations of many more, just happened to catch it on before she threw it off. I have photos with it flying through the air all over the place. This is about the best one of all...kind of looks like she is putting it on herself doesn't it. Yeah, that's it.

Of course Emma wore the party hat spectacularly. She tried to convince Lucy to no avail to wear it like sissy does. Good job Emmy. You are one great little helper, even though Lucy won't listen much.

Byron let Jill put the hat on briefly. After many frowns and smiles alike, we got several of him. This one is the best.

Lucy getting a little lift on her day from daddy. She was finally in the party mode after a cranky morning.

Opening presents. Wow she got in to this with all kinds of squeals. She loved all the clothes and had to hold them up to herself to model.

Emmy reading one of her birthday cards to her.

Anxiously awaiting birthday cake. She did great blowing out her candles with a little help from Emma.

YUMMM! The first few bites of chocolate goodness.

Contemplating the remainder in a sugar induced coma.