Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Little Boys

Dave and I watched Byron and Ayden while Jill and Wade went to dinner last Sunday. As usual they were a bundle of energy but so much fun. 

Little Ayden is so darned cute. He is squeezable pudgy and always has the cutest little smiles.

He cut his first tooth the other day and a second one is soon to pop through. Jill is having a very hard time letting her little man get older. As we all do we just want to keep them at their baby sweetness for a little longer. That is until we have to get up twenty times during the night.

One thing both Dave and I are loving right now is how happy Byron is to see us. The minute he comes through the door he runs and jumps into the closest persons arms. It is the cutest thing.

But try to get a picture of him? Ha! Most of them are a blur running by. He won't sit still long enough to let the camera focus. Here is a rare still one of him but believe me it wasn't for long.

I have this little nativity that my sister, Loretta, gave me last year. It has a couple of little sheep and Byron always runs over and brings them to me calling them his dogs. Cracks me up.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Gate Crawlers

I was going through some of my photos from the summer and getting rid of blurry and bad ones and came across these. I had forgotten about this day. Dave was letting the kids climb the gate and we were having a difficult time getting Byron to hold still long enough for a picture of all three. So this is all we came up with.

If you enlarge this and look closely at the ears on Byron and Dave, who had to hold him in place long  enough for me to snap this, their ears look identical. Hilarious!

I love this of Emma. Just about the sweetest eight year old I know.

Byron was up and down this gate about twenty times to Lucy's one. I am tired just remembering.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Program Sunday

Sunday Emma's choir sang at Valley River Center. Kelli, Jill, Byron, Ayden, Dave and I went to watch her.

Here is the group between songs. Are those t-shirts just about the niftiest things around? They made these tie-dyed shirts a few weeks ago and they really turned out cute.

Here Emmy is after the concert. I just couldn't seem to get a good shot and my camera batteries were going dead.

Look at that face. She is thinking, "O.K. Grandma, enough already!"

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Costume Up

Lest I forget what the little people looked like on Halloween I am posting a few photos. 

Byron was Woody riding a horse. He loved that horse and Grandad's cowboy hat.

Little Ayden came as a sock monkey. Isn't this the cutest outfit?

Emma was adorable as a cowgirl. I think she looks like Jessie from Toy Story but she said she wasn't.  She was wearing chaps as well and it was so cute.

Of course Lucy was a horse but she was pretty tired from all the trick or treating and would not keep her costume on and would not let me take any photos. So here you have it. She is dressed as a pouting toddler.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Oatmeal with Cows Milk

So Lucy loves oatmeal. I don't mean instant oatmeal or quick cooking oatmeal but the Old Fashioned oatmeal. Every time she is here that is what she orders asks for. I try to mix it up a little bit and get her to eat an egg and toast, a waffle, a pancake, anything else. But nope! She is a girl with a routine and she is sticking to it.

This morning she was eating her oatmeal and said to me, "Gramma, I don't drink soy milk". I said OK Lucy I will give you regular milk. She got very stern with me and said, "Not regular milk, Gramma. I drink cows milk". I told her that regular milk is cows milk but she insists if I call it regular milk that it is not cows milk. So from now on it is cows milk. Little stinker.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Baby Cakes

Little Ayden. Who me? I am being very good Gramma.

Doll face.

Mamma I'll share my car with you, kay?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Bug Hunting

Byron and I took a little walk a while back and this time of year there are plenty of box elder bugs buzzing about. He is fascinated with bugs of all sorts but these were very easy to spot so we spent a lot of time looking down.

Found one.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

We took the kids to Herricks Farms a couple of weekends ago to pick out a pumpkin and have their yummy free apple pie and ice cream. I posted some of this on my other blog so I don't want to duplicate photos too much. Here are a few things from that day.

I was trying to get a photo of all four grand kids in these pumpkins. Emma did great with little Ayden but we were having a little difficulty with Byron staying in one place. Aunt Kelli was trying her best to contain the monkey.

Of course what would a photo be without Jill and Kelli's usual goof ball act.

Emma got in on the goofy faces as well. I think this face might just be for good old Uncle Handsome (aka Brian).

Byron plucked a flower and I just love this shot. So sweet.

The gathering of pumpkins and of course Lucy modeling for us.

A little Halloween decorating went on by Emma. She is my decorator every year. However, I think maybe some little three year old people  might horn in on her job in the future.

Last but certainly not least we let the kiddos bake and decorate the cookies and cupcakes. 

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Boys

Just a few photos of the little men in my life. I am having so much fun just watching them grow and change.

Little Ayden's feet. Adorable. Kissable. Sweet. Oh, and big.

I just had to steal borrow this one that Jill took from her blog. It is so stinking cute. He just cracks me up with his silly little faces. What a doll.

Byron is very hard to get a photo of these days. He is a whirlwind of activity and rarely slows down. However, I will have to try the trick of "say cheese" in the future and see if it works.  Little cute boy. I love this kiddo.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

We've Got A Zoo In The House

Kristi, Pat and the kiddos visited over Labor Day and brought these cute expandable socks for the grand kids. They are only about an inch or so big but when you put them in water they expand into full pairs of socks.

Lucy had pigs on her toes. Emma had giraffes and Byron had monkeys. They are adorable and all of the kids loved them.

Byron giving Emma a little help with her socks. 

Poor Emmy. She is so good with those little people who just adore her. What a good girl.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Birthday Boy

On Labor Day Byron had his third birthday party. Jill has made every cake so far and has done such a great job decorating.

 The first birthday was a monkey theme.

 The second was a helicopter.

This one was a car/truck theme. I don't know where she gets her talent for this because I can't paste two pieces of paper together let alone decorate a cake.  In fact if you go here you can see what a nut job I can do. I mean, come on. Either I just stick a couple of decorations on top that I buy or I frost it and all the decorations fall off before the candles are blown out.

This was the sweetest moment. Byron had just blown his candles out and everyone was clapping and singing Happy Birthday. He was so proud of himself and excited for "cake".

Byron and his buddy, Jacob in a sliding competition.

It was a fun morning in the park.  In fact we only had one little mishap. Dave's mom, GG brought her walker and Byron loves to push that around. He managed to get it and took off running with it and I had to chase him down. So we decided to give him a ride and then Lucy wanted to ride as well.  Emma pushed them and the walker hit a crack in the sidewalk and tipped over face first. Both little ones went flying but each put out their hands and caught themselves. Lucy pops up and says "It's OK. I'm OK." Byron as usual just hopped up and wanted back on.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Look Who's Three!!

Byron is having a birthday today! We are heading home from Seattle where we attended a wedding so won't be there to celebrate today but his party is tomorrow and we will be there.  Jill and Wade took him to the Portland zoo on Friday for his birthday. I know he probably loved those animals. 

Birthday here I come.

Cake. Cake. Where is the cake? Bring it on.

Happy Birthday little man. 

We love you little boy.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Summer Weekend

August comes and goes. Can you believe how fast things are going? Friday night I took care of Byron and Ayden so Wade and Jill could attend his class reunion. Lucy and Emma came to spend Saturday night.

Little Ayden was so happy at first.........

That is until he found out brother got to spend the night and he had to go home because his milk machine (aka mommy Jill) does not live with us any longer. One of the newer things I have noticed is the pouting lip. So cute!

Byron has really begun to love the water but look how red those little ears become. He has his grandad Dave's ears through and through.

On Saturday evening as the sun was setting Emma, Lucy and I walked to the mailbox to get the mail and paper. I love this photo.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Little Lawn Mowers

A couple of weekends ago Emma and Lucy decided to pretend to mow our grass. Of course it is not growing much now since it is so hot but worth a try anyway.

Nice mowing outfit for Emmy. At least she is protecting her ears as well as her skin from the sun.

Somehow I don't think this is getting the lawn mowed but it might qualify her for goofouts tryouts for high school musical.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Little Giggles

Little Ayden has got to be one of the happiest little babies around. He is such a good natured little guy.

Grandad is holding him and Jill and I are talking to him. He begins by looking at me pretty soberly.

But look at that little smile begin. It is almost like he can't help himself.

There goes to a full blown laugh. I love this little pumpkin.