Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Weekend

We kept Emma and Lucy on Friday night so Jed could get ready to take them camping for the weekend. It was a short time but those girls can definitely keep busy.

One of the things both girls like to do this time of year is to make necklaces out of the the flower petals from the rhododendrons.

Here they are with the necklaces trying their best to pose naturally. Ha! Ha!

Doesn't Emmy look like she is up to something? I think she is contemplating doing a little jumping.




I didn't get a photo of this but Emma spent quite a bit of time out turning up rocks looking for lizards. Eureka! She found a baby one that had lost part of its tail and was rather cold so not moving much. We put it in a plastic container with some grass and set him in the sun to warm up. I told her that they love sun and soon he would come alive and be less lethargic. I think she had her doubts but sure enough by the time they left he was energetic and quite fast moving. He ended up on her head in the car and her dad had to catch him.

On to a little BBQ on Monday with Jill, Wade, Ayden, Byron, Kelli and Dave's parents. Wade made these giant stuffed burgers. We couldn't even get our mouth around one. Huge double patty with cheese stuffed inside and on top. If I weren't so busy cooking I would have taken a picture. Jill wanted S'mores so Dave and Wade built the fire and the roasting of marshmallow began. That is Jill's arm holding her marshmallow. You know it! She was first in line.

Kelli faking everyone out pretending that she was just holding the baby. But I caught her with a S'more. Nice sneaky face Kells.

Byron on the run into just about anything he could get into. He was down at the chicken coop licking his chops from a sticky S'more.

He was trying to throw rocks and flowers in the pool, getting too close to the water when his parents told me to stay back and running too close to the fire as well. Little busy stinker.

Uh Oh! Looks like a time out....nose pressed up against the house. No the grill is not on....so don't be frightened.

Delpha (or GG for Great Grandma as the kids like to call her) sitting with a little stickiness on her face as well. Hmmmm! Wonder what she was eating.

Back into the house as it wasn't a very warm day. Grandad Max enjoying watching all the antics of Byron.

Mommy Jill with little Ayden. He is growing so fast.

Byron with Aunt Kelli watching a video. Nice aunt Kells.

Tiny shoes.

Sweet doll. Jill took this photo. Isn't it pretty? He is wearing the cap my mom, Grandma Mae, made for him. She made the blanket as well. Hope everyone had a great weekend!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Little Glitter Lips

Yesterday Jed sent me this photo of Lucy. It seems she had become very quiet and when he went to check on her this is what he found.  Apparently she got into Emma's drawer with glue and markers and such and decided that the glitter glue looked lovely as lipstick.  

She even has it on her teeth.  Little goof!

Monday, May 19, 2008

A Balancing Act

Byron brought his tricycle out when he spent some time with us a few weeks ago. Our house is very long and has lots of room to ride and both he and Lucy had a great time for a short while riding and pushing each other. Then........

Being a little boy, and a climber (I think part mountain goat) Byron decided he would stand on the seat of the tricycle and balance a bit.

Not one to be left out Lucy needed her turn as well. This made me nervous so they sadly were told not to stand on the bike or mean old Gram would have to put it away.

So in comes "Mr. Nice Guy" Grandad to play with them. Look at him. Doesn't he look like he thinks he is going to be building something with the Legos? Little does he know about the attention span of a couple of two-year-olds.

OK, so Grandma won't let me stand on the bike but Grandad is a pretty close second.

Lucy's turn...but watch out Grandad.

You can't see it here but Byron climbed on as well and Dave is looking a little red faced, especially when the jumping began. Being a nice guy really doesn't get you far Grandad.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Good Little Heart

While taking Emma and Lucy to school and day care yesterday we happened upon a homeless man coming down the embankment under the freeway bridge with a plastic bag slung over his shoulder with all his worldly goods inside. He apparently had been sleeping there for protection from the elements and was just emerging for the day. The traffic was quite busy and noisy as it was rush hour and I noticed Emma watching this man from the back seat.

A conversation was started with Emma asking what was happening . Dave and I explained the situation as best we could regarding homelessness and how some people are truly down and out and others are choosing this lifestyle and we don't always know which is which. This sweet tender hearted little girl told me that she had saved up some money from her birthday and other things and said if she had it with her she would give part of it to him. I could just feel and see the empathy in her little heart.

When she asked about how to know the difference I told her that there are many, many services for the homeless and by giving to one or many of these services she would be helping not just one person but many. She replied that she was going to do that. That sweet tender heart.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Angel's Night Off

Amanda from Photo Chick  who is a very compassionate and sweet girl, left this poem in my comments section.  It brings tears to me as I read it and I think it deserves to be put here for Emma and Lucy to read any time they want.  Thank you Amanda!  You are the sweetest.

The Angel's Night Off
for Emma & Lucy in memory of their sweet Mommy

Tucked in bed all fast asleep
Prayers said for souls to keep
While they rest, their Angels stay
Guarding them just like the day

Each Guardian Angel loves their child
Though days can be a tad bit wild
It's worth it all when comes the night
The babes are sweetly sleeping tight

The Angels shine and beam with joy
For every little girl and boy
But especially for these girls so loved
By those on earth and those above

Every night the Heavens peer
Down upon these lovely dears
They're favorites in the Heavens' eyes
For Heaven's where their Mommy flies

On this dear night, the Angels go
To bring a gift of love to show
A special presence so it seems
Comes to their beds and in their dreams

Angel whispers in their ears
"My love for you is always here
Though not on earth I'm still with you
I see and love all that you do."

"To watch you learn and live and grow
In awe of what you see and know
I pray each day for both you girls
That happiness shall fill your world."

"Be good for Mommy, don't forget
To pray to God each chance you get
Each time you pray, the Angels sing
For the happiness your voices bring."

"And when you both are old and gray
Or when God comes again someday
My prayer is that we'll finally be
Together in eternity."

So if in mornings they're all smiles
Quite energetic all the while
They go and go, too fast it seems
Chattering of happy dreams

Their Guardian Angels won't lose sight
Their Mommy watched them through the night
The Angels spent the night at rest
While Kyla was the Angel guest.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A Celebration For Mommy

Saturday was Kyla's 30th birthday. It is important for Emma and Lucy to do something to remember their mommy by so this year I took the girls to buy flowers to plant in her memory. This time the flowers were put in pots they could take home and put on their porch to take care of.

Two little munchkins dressed in grams glasses and gardening hat ready to plant.

Emma chose these flowers to plant.

Emmy busy filling her pot with soil and slow release fertilizer. Giant grandma gloves...

These are the flowers Lucy chose. She thought we should plant them in the water. I couldn't figure out what she meant until she began to run to the pool with her flower. Made me laugh that she thought when I told her we would plant and water them that is how she interpreted it.

Lucy is having fun with the soil. Giant granny gardening glove yet again. Make note to self to buy little gardening gloves for grandchildren.

Both masterpieces when finished. Emma's on the left and Lucy's on the right. Pretty good for little people.

This is what I get to clean up next!

After blowing up all the balloons and writing their messages to mommy they ran to tie them on the tree. Last year we put helium in them but this year we didn't have time. They still loved doing it and I love this picture of them on the run.

Friday, May 2, 2008

A Walk With Grandad

Dave took Emmy and Lucy for a walk last Saturday to get the mail. These walks begin with Lucy being carried and Emma leading the way. Most walks take about an hour just to go to the end of the lane and back because of a little curiosity going on. Plus Dave just likes to take his time...slow and steady.

The walk begins with a determined Emma leading the way and Lucy riding along.

Lucy decides she is now interested in walking so down she goes. Look at Emma who became a little side tracked. She falls behind.

One of her favorite things to do is collect "cool rocks". I have many heart shaped rocks that were gifts from Emmy. Looks as though she found another one.

Wait Grandad. Look at these.

Dave says "Oh yeah! Nice rocks." That is about as excited he gets. Remember slow and steady....that is why the kids love him. He devotes a complete ear to everything they do and say.

Back on track and off we go. See you later when sun goes down!