Thursday, July 24, 2008

A Little Help From A Friend

Because of prior commitments we celebrated Jill's birthday a week late with a family dinner and her favorite, cupcakes.

Yuuuummmm! Chocolate cupcakes that Dave tried his best to get Jill to agree to chocolate chips in the batter and a ganache frosting. But she said nope to his badgering. After all it was her birthday. Dave must wait for his own.

Here you see Byron watching the lighting of the candles.

Oh man he is getting a little closer. Just to see better though, right?

I don't know. He looks a little sly doesn't he? Look at that little smile.

Uh Oh! I think the finger is headed for trouble.

Here is the birthday girls herself helping Byron up to see the candles.

She gave in and let him help to blow them out. He just could not contain himself.

Hey!!! Where's my cupcake? Here is Mr. Happy Pants Ayden. Isn't he adorable?

Monday, July 14, 2008

A College Graduation

Saturday we celebrated Aaron's college graduation with a lovely dinner at Barb and Rick's home. Aaron is my nephew and he has worked so hard and now has the fun prospect of finding a job.

The very relieved college graduate. As usual Barb outdid herself and made the party and food wonderful.

Cousins splashing and having a grand time in the hot sun. Lucy was a bit crabby about getting water in her face but soon got over it.

Lucy is trying to spray anyone and anything that is close enough to reach. Fun in the sun and water on a very hot day.

If you enlarge this you will see Byron's face. This cracks me up because Kallista and Lucy were getting in his water and he was pretty frustrated trying to tell them to "back off".

Kallista sneaking grandma's strawberries just there for the picking.

Kallista gave me her best "freezing face". She cracks me up.

A little fun attitude....Emmy is telling me "Don't even think about it Gram....I'm not ready to go home".

Friday, July 11, 2008

Just In Case I Should Forget

Emma was helping Lucy work with some sticky backed letters last weekend and she decided this should be my newest decoration for the wall.

Lest I forget that the grandchildren's names. I am becoming elderly you know.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Before I Forget

Just a few funny things that Lucy has been saying lately that I need to write down. My old age does not permit me to keep these in my head for long.

  • *She sings a lot of songs right now and one of them is "I'm A Little Teapot" which she sings as "I'm A Little Teatot".
  • *While Kelli was painting Lucy's toenails and fingernails the other day she told Kelli "I like to scraaaatch" as she stretched her arms above her head.
  • *Dave's mom made some cupcakes last Sunday for a dinner we were having when his cousin Lee Ann was visiting. Lucy didn't want to eat her dinner and kept asking for a "pupcake". I told her she needed to eat some dinner first and she put her hands on my cheeks and said "Grandma I love you"....."I want a pupcake and cookie". Well she almost had me with that one.
  • *Everything right now is "jusa cause I'm a big girl" or "maybe da later" or "I go to predaschool". I  love how she adds a "d" to words right now. 
  • *She loves to watch the movie "Babe" but she calls it "Pig and Goose".  The other day I asked her what the sheep says and she said "Baaa Ram Ewe" like in the movie.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Fourth Fun

Jill and Wade brought the boys to our house to spend the fourth. Wade was super chef and made the dinner and then Byron spent the night. 

After dinner mommy and daddy provided some sparklers for some fun.

Little Ayden sound asleep looking like he just had beer and tater chips.

The look on Byron's face is so cute. He is watching his daddy light off some fireworks.

Here is one of those snake things. He was fascinated by this and how long it grew.

Here is the big one! Doesn't it look ferocious?  Wade couldn't wait to light this.

Here he goes. Nothing. He even lit it multiple times and nothing. Pour a little gas in (against my protests) but nothing. A dud. Poor pyro Wade.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Crafty Little Pony Tail Holders

While at the coast with my sister, Barb, I decided to make these cute little rubber bands for the girls hair. I had seen them around and figured out how to do it (very easy by the way).

When I had Lucy last I asked her to pick out two of these to put in her hair. She informed me no she needed five. So OK, five it was.

Front view looks like two but wait..........

Here is the mess in back and nope she did not wear these out in public. But she did think she was very funny.