Sunday, September 28, 2008

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

We've Got A Zoo In The House

Kristi, Pat and the kiddos visited over Labor Day and brought these cute expandable socks for the grand kids. They are only about an inch or so big but when you put them in water they expand into full pairs of socks.

Lucy had pigs on her toes. Emma had giraffes and Byron had monkeys. They are adorable and all of the kids loved them.

Byron giving Emma a little help with her socks. 

Poor Emmy. She is so good with those little people who just adore her. What a good girl.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Birthday Boy

On Labor Day Byron had his third birthday party. Jill has made every cake so far and has done such a great job decorating.

 The first birthday was a monkey theme.

 The second was a helicopter.

This one was a car/truck theme. I don't know where she gets her talent for this because I can't paste two pieces of paper together let alone decorate a cake.  In fact if you go here you can see what a nut job I can do. I mean, come on. Either I just stick a couple of decorations on top that I buy or I frost it and all the decorations fall off before the candles are blown out.

This was the sweetest moment. Byron had just blown his candles out and everyone was clapping and singing Happy Birthday. He was so proud of himself and excited for "cake".

Byron and his buddy, Jacob in a sliding competition.

It was a fun morning in the park.  In fact we only had one little mishap. Dave's mom, GG brought her walker and Byron loves to push that around. He managed to get it and took off running with it and I had to chase him down. So we decided to give him a ride and then Lucy wanted to ride as well.  Emma pushed them and the walker hit a crack in the sidewalk and tipped over face first. Both little ones went flying but each put out their hands and caught themselves. Lucy pops up and says "It's OK. I'm OK." Byron as usual just hopped up and wanted back on.