Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Little Boys

Dave and I watched Byron and Ayden while Jill and Wade went to dinner last Sunday. As usual they were a bundle of energy but so much fun. 

Little Ayden is so darned cute. He is squeezable pudgy and always has the cutest little smiles.

He cut his first tooth the other day and a second one is soon to pop through. Jill is having a very hard time letting her little man get older. As we all do we just want to keep them at their baby sweetness for a little longer. That is until we have to get up twenty times during the night.

One thing both Dave and I are loving right now is how happy Byron is to see us. The minute he comes through the door he runs and jumps into the closest persons arms. It is the cutest thing.

But try to get a picture of him? Ha! Most of them are a blur running by. He won't sit still long enough to let the camera focus. Here is a rare still one of him but believe me it wasn't for long.

I have this little nativity that my sister, Loretta, gave me last year. It has a couple of little sheep and Byron always runs over and brings them to me calling them his dogs. Cracks me up.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Gate Crawlers

I was going through some of my photos from the summer and getting rid of blurry and bad ones and came across these. I had forgotten about this day. Dave was letting the kids climb the gate and we were having a difficult time getting Byron to hold still long enough for a picture of all three. So this is all we came up with.

If you enlarge this and look closely at the ears on Byron and Dave, who had to hold him in place long  enough for me to snap this, their ears look identical. Hilarious!

I love this of Emma. Just about the sweetest eight year old I know.

Byron was up and down this gate about twenty times to Lucy's one. I am tired just remembering.