Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday, March 23, 2009

Bread Baking With Byron

Whenever the grandchildren stay with us we usually have a battle over helping to cook or bake. Emma and Lucy made cookies last time and this time I had a lot little help from Byron.
He loves to help put the ingredients in the bowl but that is not his priority.

See that happy little flour covered face? He loves the mixer.

He is the operator of this mixer and we have to be on the lookout for the flour going in all directions (especially down the front of his clothes) when he turns it on. It quickly goes from zero to as high as it can possibly go with this little engineer.

See! You just need to get very close and see just how this thing works. Oh and to make sure it is working properly.

Here is the proud bread dough making boy. I didn't get his picture with his bread. Ran out of hands.

But it sure tasted good. Thanks Byron. You make the best bread.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Emma and Lucy were here a weekend ago and wanted to make cookies. We decided on snickerdoodles. I have made many recipes for this and I always come back to the one I found in a children's cookbook. I haven't found one nearly as good anywhere else.

We even made our own colored sugar to roll them in instead of the usual cinnamon and sugar. Here they are smiling with their cookies.

Oh and of course what would a photo shoot be without the goofy face picture?

¾ cup sugar
½ cup butter
1 egg
½ teaspoon vanilla
1 ½ cups flour
¼ teaspoon salt
¼ teaspoon baking soda
¼ teaspoon cream of tartar
2 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons cinnamon

In large mixing bowl cream the ¾ cup sugar and the butter with a wooden spoon. Beat in the egg and vanilla.
In small bowl stir together flour, salt, baking soda, and cream of tartar. Stir into butter mixture with wooden spoon till well mixed.

In a small bowl, combine the 2 tablespoons sugar and the cinnamon. Shape dough into one-inch balls; roll each in the sugar-cinnamon mixture. Put balls two inches apart on ungreased cookie sheet. Bake at 350ยบ for 10 to 12 minutes.

Stay tuned for baking bread with Byron.