Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A Year Old Today

Ayden turns one today. He is the sweetest little snuggle bug who lays his head on my shoulder and gives me loves. He absolutely adores his mama and is so happy when she walks in the room. What a doll.

Where has this year gone? What happened to this tiny little baby boy? Wow!

And those faces! I call him my little rubber face doll.

Just look at those little eyebrows. They just add to his funny faces.

Oh and the dimples! Killer dimples just melt my heart.

Yes. This is the look. You have us all wrapped around that little pinkie finger of yours.

Happy Birthday my little boy! I love you so much.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

There Are Some Days

We had everyone here for Easter Sunday and all I can say is there are some days that photos just don't seem to happen. This was one of them. First of all, I was very busy cooking and so I didn't get a lot of photos taken. Then for some reason very few pictures turned out and I missed the egg hunt completely. Most shots consisted of a blur of running children or a few gross shots of nose hairs. I won't go into that issue but let us just say that the name of the nose hair shot photographer began with a "J" and ended with an "ill". Of course I can't play innocent because I took several of my mother in law warming her nose under a blanket asleep.
Yes we are talented.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Emmy's Birthday

Saturday we celebrated Emma's 9th birthday for the family at our house. She will have another birthday party this Saturday with her friends. It is hard to believe she is nine years old. Time surely does pass quickly.

She told me she wanted a vanilla and chocolate swirl cake. She didn't care how it was decorated but just that it was swirled. I decided that I would make cupcakes because I had found this cute little cupcake stand at Walmart. I also found these adorable silicone cupcake holders. Perfect for a spring time birthday.

Waiting patiently while Grandad finishes lighting the one candle that I could not light.

She made her wish and it must come true for she blew out every single candle. See how much smoke nine candles makes?

Byron had a sad day with a buzzed haircut. But when the cake came out he was the first one to raise his hand and all thoughts of missing hair disappeared.

Jed took Emma and Lucy to the Saturday market and they got to have their faces painted. Doesn't Emma look so grown up?

I love the paint job. They look so cute and it washed off very easily that night.

Oh how she has grown.

This is just for you Emma. When daddy lets you read this we thought you would like Grandad's goofy face. I think this was when he was threatening to eat all your cupcakes.