Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Off With The Fencing!!

I remember how I felt when my braces came off at fifteen. It felt so smooth and I thought my teeth were huge and long after seeing them cut in half by a silver brace. Well Emmy served her time for now with her braces. This is a documented event of the day her barbed wire fencing came out of her mouth.

Here she sits waiting anxiously for the big event.

Oh yes glee is shining through.

Little did she know the torture they would put her through. I guess they want to make you look strange before looking at how pretty your teeth are.

O.K. open wide. No reason to choke on this huge thing. Poor girl!

Awww! Off at last. Torture over.

So even though she had braces it only straightened her four front teeth. She lost all the rest except the back two molars during braces. Ha ha! She cracks me up. She still looks lovely though.

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Jill said...

Aw, my little Emmy Lou, she looks so cute and big and grown-up! I love how excited she was! I remember getting my braces off and reveling over how smooth, slippery, and slimy my teeth felt! And, of course, what a magnificent smile I had! ;o) What a big girl Emmy is becoming!